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An Open Source Disk Defragmenter

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UltraDefrag at SourceForge

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The term UltraDefrag is a shorthand for the Ultra Defragmenter and holds no connection with potential owners of registered trademarks or other rights. All trademarks, brands, and names are the property of their respective owners.

Compare command line interfaces of UltraDefrag and Microsoft ® Defrag shipping with Windows® 7.
UltraDefrag Microsoft® Defrag
Process specified drives YES YES
Process all drives YES YES
Process all drives except those specified YES
(use filter to exclude drives)
Change process CPU priority NO YES
(from low to normal)
Process multiple drives in parallel YES
(launch mutiple instances)
Process selected file YES NO
Process selected folder YES NO
Process selected folder and its content YES NO
Filter files to process by name, size and number of fragments YES NO
Graphical representation of the cluster map YES NO
Display of fragmentation percentage YES YES
Limit drive processing time YES NO
Repeat drive processing till there is nothing left to move YES NO