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Ein Open Source Defragmentierer

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Die Bezeichnung UltraDefrag ist eine Kurzform für Ultra Defragmenter und steht nicht in Verbindung zu potentiel-
len Eigentümern, registrierten Mar-
kenzeichen oder anderen Rechten. Alle Markenzeichen, Marken und Namen sind Eigentum der jeweiligen Eigentümer.

UltraDefrag ist ein leistungsstarkes Open Source Defragmentierungswerkzeug für Windows. Es kann jegliche Systemdateien defragmentieren, einschließlich Registrierungs- und Auslagerungsdateien.


Goodbye, Farewell or Amen? [2016-12-17]

So, nine months passed since the last release and we're still not making any significant progress towards the next milestone. Well, it's never easy to keep things going when people you love die and you have to deal with depression every single day, for years. We're trying our best to overcome that, but some things seem to be too hard to survive.

Nevertheless, hope dies last and we expect time and a bit of money still could help us to get out of hell. Overall we need about $35K to move away to a place where nothing will remind us about horrible things we've passed through. As we have no chance to gather funds locally, we decided to set donations up here. In the last 9 months we've managed to collect over $4000 which we've spent for food and medicines. God bless all the people who took part in!

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$9105 collected towards $35000 [?]



  • Simple but efficient defragmentation algorightms.
  • Defragmentation of NTFS metafiles and streams.
  • Optimization of NTFS master file tables (MFT).
  • Automatic hibernation or shutdown after the job completion.
  • Mehr darüber...



Desktop: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8

Server: Windows NT 4.0, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012

32-bit, 64-bit und Itanium Editionen